Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I cant face the gohonzon

I received my gohonzon last september after i had gotten out of a really traumatic break up. I really like the Philosophy of Nicheren Buddhism so that motivated me to chant once in a while. But the more i chanted to more my life went downhill. Everything seem to go wrong, i was like in quick sand.
Problems at work, school, home, family, friends, money. I became severely depressed were i developed and eating disoder. And the more i chanted to bigger my problems got.

Finally i left chicago and went to mexico. I chanted once in a big while over here. i was able to overcome alcoholism and manage to hold some control over my eating disorder. all this i did without chanting.

But the question is this. Everytime i study and/or practice Nicheren Buddhism i go back to the past were i dont want to be. Its like i open a door which should remain closed and locked. Everytime i looked at the gohonzon i think of my ex. it is an unbearable feeling. yesterday i rolled up my gohonzon and put all my reading materials in a bag ready to throw them up. Maybe by doing that i will see buddhism as a thing of the past just like my hardships i faced in chicago. I thought that by chanting things were suppose to get better not worse. I fought hard regardless of all the personal problems i was facing with myself. i ask you because i was just looking onyou tube and came across your page. i never really got involved with the sgi organization in chicago because i was going tru to much shit.
what do you think is the best thing to do? i chant but no good evercomes of it.

I said:::::

Hello Friend,

It sounds like you are going through a great suffering.

I am very surprised that you received a gohonzon after two weeks and you never recited gongyo.

It would be best if you learn a bit more about the faith, what it all means and what the gohonzon acctually is.

Watch my video about what the gohonzon is and how it works.

You have been on a downward spiral that ONLY YOU can get your self out of, but that means respecting your life.

You are only 20 and you have your whole life ahead of you, why let another person ruin your chance for happiness.

It sounds to me that her heart may have stayed with her ex, so it wasnt your fault or hers.

If you truely love someone, you want them to be happy, you dont want to possess them or own them.

By chanting to "get her back" you are invoking a sense of ownership over her, she chose to go the direction she did, and it wasnt your fault.

When I was 19, I was in exactly the same boat as you, I lost so much weight and i wanted to die, I was so in love, so I feel your pain my friend.

This is a wave you have to ride, but if you carry on chanting FOR YOUR OWN happiness and nothing more, you will SUCCEED! I PROMISE YOU!

but I would recommend you watch my video about the gohonzon and you start going to meetings and getting support.


Dont let this girl ruin your life... it belongs to you!

Stand up, pick your self up, all the problems you are having are because your mind and emotions are clouded with grief.

Move on, she isnt worth it..

its going to take some time, but you will heal.

just chant... you dont need to use a gohonzon...

do it to a blank wall, but focus on the prayer and when your mind wonders

bring it back to the prayer of your happiness


Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


I recently became a member of SGI-USA. I'm from Chicago and recieved my Gohonzon three weeks ago.
The introduction of this practice to my life proved extremely overwhelming--in both good ways as well as bad.
I had some of the most emotionally charged weeks of my life and became frightened. I was at a standstill with chanting but started up again with a near ethereal chanting experience in the waters of Lake Michigan and by studying again.

I watched your videos and found them to be encouraging and insightful. It was especially exciting to see you mention the Law of Attraction as I currently have a book of Abraham's teachings out from the library on that very subject.

Thank you for all that you do. And I wish you the best of life!


I said:

Dear Cassandra,

Thanks for your message!

Its always encouraging to hear people talking about their experiences. It gives me so much joy and so much motivation to continue chanting.

I still find it very difficult sometimes, but life is difficult.

If every thing was easy, if enlightenment was simple, the universe would cease to exist. Everything needs something to push up against, to push towards.

That is the nature of myoho and the mystic law of the universe.

Keep chanting and chant through to the positive benefits that will come to you.

No doubt, just faith

Love and light

Monday, 3 August 2009

The Dai Gohonzon is it fake?

Today i received this question about the Dai Gohonzon, from a user on Youtube

hey whats up? i was checking out Nichiren Buddhism. One thing that came up on you tube was the the gohonzon was fake. i did more research i found out the that the dai gohonzon is fake to. i was wodering if you knew anything about this?

Here is my response.

There is some negativity on the internet about SGI.

There is a lot of negativity about Barrack Obama on the internet. There is a lot of negative things about many people or organisations that are trying to bring about change for the greater good.

People will stop at nothing to bring down the good name, of others standing up from the crowd and daring to challenge the self proclaimed authorities/churches/priests etc.

At the end of the day my friend, the Gohonzon exists inside you, Nichiren said, never seek the power outside of you, but from within.

The Gohonzon, the scroll serves as a reminder of an enlightened state, it is nothing more then ink and paper.

It is not a magic talisman.
The focus is on your intention, your chanting and your prayer.

Nam myoho renge kyo is the expression of the law of life, and it matters not which group you are affiliated to, what matters is what is in your heart.

We are all practising for the happiness of our selves, our family's and for all of humanity.

We do not practice so that we can stand on a pedestal and point fingers at others saying who is right and who is wrong.

True Buddhism isn't not about judgement or dogma, it is about real life, real people and the human revolution, inherent, in all human beings.

Each one of us has infinite potential, each one of us has Buddha nature.

Do not allow your self to be sucked in to negativity and slander.

Give it a try for your self, and see how it feels in your life, you and nam myoho renge kyo.

Being with chanting 30 minutes every morning, day and night.

Focus on the sound the prayer and focus on the goals for your happiness and the happiness of all humanity.

Best wishes


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