Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Journey

Hi Robbie

Thanks for posting your videos charting your journey with Nichiren Buddhism.

I have been practicing for about three months (24th of May 2009 to be exact !) after seeing a stall at Birmingham Pride. I'd been interested in Buddhism for quite a while and had been along to the FWBO temple in Birmingham, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. I have to admit that having found the Pride stall and being told about the chanting I nearly made a friendly but hasty retreat, but I was given a copy of 'Art of living', various leaflets and I left my contact details. Well the rest is history - I started chanting and was amazed at the changes that I felt within myself. I didn't wait for our local group to contact me - I phoned Taplow and got the details of the district men's division leader and got in touch with him. It just so happened that there was a meeting that very evening so I went along and met some great people, who in the short time that I've known them, have become very special to me. It hasn't all been plain sailing though. The analogy that the practice can be likened to stirring up sediment at the bottom of a glass of water has certainly been true for me ! However the 'shit' thats hit the proverbial fan were things that I had to face up to at some point and I know I can face them head on with unfaultering faith. I'm thinking about receiving Gohonzon but I'm not sure I'm quite ready yet !

Anyway - sorry to have gone on a bit ! The reason I mailed You is to thank you for your encouraging and informative videos and keep up the good work Shakubuku-ing via youtube !

Nam myoho renge kyo

Paul J


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