Friday, 23 April 2010

When I chant will bad things happen?

Hi Robbie,

Thank you for the channel. I was a great believer and I chanted 10 years ago... I moved to Japan for studies and then for the lack of time and energy and also because I didn't see many ppl following Nichiren Buddhism I gave up on it ... I moved back to Australia ... and since the day I moved here things have been going the wrong way....I found your channel again and gave some hope to me ... I want to start chanting again... I like to talk to you more about the Gohonzon and the benefits...I'm in an out of jobs and for the past five years after I moved back to Australia from Japan it's been hard to find something that suites me and my qualifications ... I have an Australian MBA and a Bachelors Degree from Japan. Anyways my question is if I start to chant again will I encounter problems that I never had before ? because one of my friend told me that chanting to Gohonzon is like cleansing our souls ... so it gets rid of bad karma... and as a result we start getting bad things to our life's... is this true ? I want to turn my life around I think I was a happier and a positive person back then I would like to get good things to my life

Thank you ..

Hey K

Sorry I took so long to get back to you, I have been a bit busy at work.

I think the main thing to think about, is that you want your life to change. By chanting you are changing your thoughts and your mind.

Bad things happen to people in life all the time, it doesn't necessarily have anything to with chanting.

But if you study and read more about Buddhism, it will teach you that the struggles in life are there to help has become stronger and grow as people.

We can't escape them. They are part of life. Dark and light. Night and Day. Winter and Summer.

We chant and practice Buddhism not to escape from suffering, but to have the strength and courage and wisdom to deal with anything that life throws at us.

Chanting is changing what is in your mind, it then changes your thoughts, then your life, then your friends, family, community, country, world etc

We are all connected.

This practice is about everyday life, about happiness and being the best as a human being.

This is about human revolution.

Hope that makes sense.

Big love


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