Sunday, 29 August 2010

Reincarnation - The Boy that lived before - Part 1

Reincarnation is not an easy concept to get your mind around. How could we possibly live again and again? Death seems so final and when we are alive, life appears so vivid.

It is not easy for us to imagine the possibility of life after death because we are so focused in this life, that nothing outside of it seems real.

What happens at the point of death? My teacher Seth, said that its much easier to ask the question then it is to answer it.

What is it to be alive? And where does the I, or the me, exist? Am "I" in my brain, or am "I" in my heart?

We often refer to our bodies, in the possessive form, my body, my arm, my leg, and with out realising it, we refer to it like a suit.

I don't want to hurt my body, I don't want to damage my body, I must look after my body.

Seth says that we are a projection from our inner conciousness. If you think of your body like an image projected on a wall, the energy required to maintain that image, is immense.

There is a part of your that exists, outside the physical matter, that maintains this corporeal image.

When we die, what happens to us afterwards comes down to a matter of choice. Since everything that exists is connected, we have a choice to be a part of anything.

When the Buddha, became aware of all phenomena, he literally was everything and every where instantaneously. He reached a point of creative concious thought that connected this concious mind, his subconscious mind and every thing in between and he became aware of all reality and everything in it.

Death, in Buddhism is seen very much like a form of sleep. When we go to bed at night we dream and when we wake up in the day time, it all seems very real.

Well in our Buddhist belief, it is our understanding that when we die, the essence, the entity, the karma, what ever you want to call it, rests and then re-enters the world, on some level, based on the choice of the source self.

Sometimes, I wonder why I believe this stuff, but it is something that I have known, since I was a child. I have always felt something like this.

Long before I became Buddhist, I believed in life eternal.

Just like winter turning in to spring and then summer. Our lives are the same, we go and return over and over.

Our lives can be likened to a stage, and we come and go from that stage. The characters on the stage play the parts, and act convincingly, consumed by the part, but when it comes time for them to go, they leave the stage.

They may return in a new costume, with a new mask.

The Hindus believe, that we are all GOD, but with different masks on. That each and every one of us, is a different aspect of God.

Like a large pane of glass, smashed in to a trillion shards, each one of us feels unique, but we are all a small slice of the source, the universe, the god, Allah, Yahweh.

Centuries have passed and we have been brainwashed to forget who we are, but I believe that that is changing.

As time passes, we will wake up from the dream and realise who we are.

All connected. Many in body one in mind.

Watch this touching story, I really enjoyed it.

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