Monday, 30 August 2010

Why is the SGI continuously attacked and subject to vicious rumours?

SGI continues the Buddha’s mission of awakening people to their potentials and their identity as Bodhisattvas : global citizens who put humanity first in their behaviour. This spirit clashes head on with three main tendencies:

The isolationist tendency of Japanese supremacists has no room for the concepts of global citizenship, humanism and Buddha nature, inherent in the people of all nations. It only natural for those who deny the equality of people - based on their shared humanity, such as racists and nationalists - it is natural for them to be at odds and in strong disagreement with SGI teachings of Humanism. The nationalist powers continue today their past history of hatred and disregard to what unites people.
The Japanese nationalist authorities, which caused the ruin of millions of families during the II World War - and banned the Soka Gakkai at that time – were not alone in finding justification for their aggression. Various temples vigorously supported the nationalist cult of emperor worship and the cult nation worship.
“Arrogance and Authoritarianism” are shared qualities between the nationalists and the “religious” priesthood:

The spiritual life of the individual in Nichiren Buddhism does not need the authority of “mediator-priests”. SGI’s teaching: that an individual has a “direct connection” with the world of Buddhahood - was a teaching of dispute with the controlling priests. The priesthood demanded from ordinary believers the “absolute obedience” to the authority of the High Priest. When the Soka Gakkai rejected obedience to this spirit of arrogance and control over ordinary believers of Buddhism, the vicious animosity of the priesthood against SGI consequently revealed it self.

Anyone familiar with the history and influence of the concept of “authority” on the Japanese society would grasp how easily ordinary people can fall into deception. There are various individuals and institutions which are strongly affected by the media campaign of fabrications and hatred against SGI. Falling in the trap of emotionalism and delusion, they also attack SGI, expressing their ignorance.

The group of the “Ill-informed” about SGI can also be found outside of Japan, in various Western countries, among those who base their information - and hence attacks on SGI - on hear-say sources and “Japanese experts” views. The “Ill-informed group” covers under its umbrella also those whose superficial views about Buddhism find SGI teachings as “revolutionary and alarming”, a reminder of the situation faced by Nichiren when he challenged traditional beliefs with the revolutionary concepts of the Lotus Sutra.

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It is my firm and strong opinion that if people would stop juding others, based on what they heard, and instead on what they actually saw with their own two eyes, the world would be a very different place.
So many different schools and groups, spend so much time, throwing insults, hurling abuse and demanding that the other "practices the correct path".
If we all have the same goal, of peace and happiness for all humanity, what does it matter.
We all want the same things at the end of the day, love in our hearts, peace in the land.
It is beyond me why we cant all just get along. I dream of a day when ignorance and arrogance are no longer the major causes of conflict in this world.


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