Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sharing your knowledge and wisdom with others who may not be ready to accept it.

Remember, not everyone is ready to listen to you're truth because it is only their own truth that allows them to be well with the world. 

There are those that know and know not that they know. 
There are those that know not and know not that they know not.
There are those that know and know that they know. 

I think what I am saying is that those people who are who they think they should be are just as fine as those that know to just be but the former are not as ready to change. 

A religion you can't change but a good idea you can. 

Sometimes you say much more by saying nothing at all. 

Just because they are wrong it doesn't mean you're right. 

To seek to change yourself for the better is a worthwhile endeavour. To seek to change another only serves to meddle in the path that only they alone can walk. 

Enlightenment is a personal journey. Each path is different. 

Or, as I am fond of saying: what is life but a journey in search of the self. 

I feel from you such a strong desire to do good and that you are a good person but you and I are very different but I also seek to do good and I think I'm a good person. Are we both right or both wrong? Does it matter?

Lesson might be that convincing someone by simply and quietly living your life and showing this example is more effective than argument or debate. 

From the light of your candle, you light the way for others.

- A response from Peter Edwards, old friend on a heated debated between my self and a devout Catholic


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