Friday, 15 October 2010

We are Eternal Beings.

It seems to me that life's a tiny dream bursting at the seam, infinity waits for all beyond the bs over right and wrong.
I called upon the sun to heal the pain till we are one, emotions run out of control but nothing was bought and nothing was sold.
I kept it all in check, well what the heck we're all tiny specks of life floating out on the sea as far as I and I can see
This life ain't everlasting, still can you take me there?
This life ain't everlasting, only your soul can go around the universe

If the average body lives for 60 years and the human eye can see the light from a galaxy that's taken 2.5 million years to reach you how long does the human spirit live for? Does this knowledge makes us "eternal" beings? My father passed eight years ago today and his spirit travels with me.

Daily encouragement from Jason Swindle (Young Men's Division Leader North East London)


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