Tuesday, 23 November 2010

HIV and AIDS Pandemic - Stand up to Prejudice and Ignorance (The lonely life of a HIV+ six year old boy)

Today I came across this story about a young boy, aged 6, who lives alone due to the stigma attached to having HIV. He lives in China.

Our children the world over must be protected.

The Stigma attached to HIV and AIDS must end!

Stories like this will break your heart, but it is up to our generation to stand up and fight against prejudice and ignorance and violence towards children. This kind of thing should not be happing in our world.

Whenever you have a chance stand up and FIGHT against ignorant people and ideals, please do it.

Make a promise TODAY to stand against violence and neglect of the children of your community.

Together we can end this kind of treatment of innocent young people

Please read this story and share with with your friends and family.



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