Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Finding your way back to your self.

Hi Robbie,

Thank you for the amazing videos on youtube, recently since you haven't made any recent updates on chanting or your life as a whole I started searching your page for more recent updates and came across you blog, ever since I found it , I have been on there reading different articles and updates. First of all can I say thank you very much for the amazing blog posts as they are very positive, inspirational and educating.

I have started to chant again, I have been unemployed for quite a while now and it's bit harder to get into my field. I worked as a Human Resource Advisor. I have been unemployed for a while for many reasons, one GFC, harder industry to get in and the other factors that I have faced during interviews (racism) in Australia. There have been encounters with people directly telling that " we would like to employ " White Aussies", I myself an Australian with a different ethnicity, anyways what I'm trying to say is that maybe subconsciously I have given up on trying harder to get ahead in my career or find a job? I been applying for jobs one after another, most of them are without any replies to say that I'm been accepted or rejected even if I find a contract role for a short period of time they are dead end jobs without any future in it and when I go to these jobs ( admin, payroll)I feel worse than I was before because for some reason not been able to use my education and skills makes me wonder why I have spent so much time and money studying .

 I have moved cities for the time been for my fiancĂ©’s job, therefore I don’t have the Gohanzon with me to chant, but I saw this reply to one message from you to someone else who was seeking advice (on a breakup on your blog), well what you have said this person is to face towards a wall and concentrate on what want and chant.I have tried to do this and I have been chating ever since I saw this, although I haven’t seen a progress yet in my life or the difficult situations, do you think the bad experience and the incidents I have come across works in my subconscious mind ?and that may be effecting my ability to concentrate to find a good job? I'm a well-educated person, although not having to use my knowledge and abilities have effected me a lot in so many ways, I like to be free from this pain and anger and I like to move on,....not having a job, a reason to wake up in morning makes me feel really depressed. There are so many other reasons factoring like friends betrayals (I might have mentioned this to you before I guess).

Anyways what is the best way to concentrate when chanting and also how can I gain faith and believe in myself again like I used to? In a way I think I have lost passion for life and for the future, everyday seem like I'm standing still and not moving forward.

any advice or guidance on this is highly appreciated.
Thank you,

My Response...

Dear K,

Thanks for writing. And I am terribly sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Life in London is rather hectic.

Firstly, the very fact that you are aware that there is a problem this means things will change.

With chanting what you must always remember is that is not magical lantern, everything that is happening in your life is all connected to the decisions we make.

We all have choices every day, choices in what we eat, who we talk to, where we walk, what we wear, all these causes that we lay down, no matter how small or how big, lead our lives in different directions. Health, Love, Money, Career, World Peace all of them have an impact on our lives, and the world as a whole.

Now, what you must focus on is shifting or breaking through something that is stoping you achieve your dreams. Many spiritual teachers will tell you that what is going on in your life, is a perfect reflection of your inner beliefs and inner world.

So ask your self, all this negativity that is coming from outside, do you believe any of it inside? Even justs a tiny seed of doubt can attract the wrong sort of people, situations etc.

With chanting, what we are doing is focusing on changing something inside us, when this changes, our world changes. This happens because we are all connected. Every man, woman and child, every plant animal and stone, every thing is part of "The Field of Life"

We have all become so disconnected from this field of life, that we have forgotten who we are, and we have forgotten our power.

This inner Buddhahood is limitless, and is capable of great things.

Remember that one person, can have a huge impact on the entire world, you and every single person on this planet is born with this potential.

Sadly for many, this potential is buried, under abuse, cultural suppression, famine, drugs, and a wide array of other things that keep the human potential suppressed.

Now, to begin chanting. Sit and focus a blank wall. Put your hands together and begin. Focus on the sounds coming out of our mouth and feel your entire body. Just be and be present as much as you can. Allow the thoughts and ideas to come and go and do not try to empty your mind. Just let your voice speak the words and let your body observe as you move through different thoughts and ideas.

Often when we chant, inspiration of how we might solve our situation comes to us. It also gives us that inner strength to deal with what ever life throws at us.

Why does this happen? Well it is because of this daily practice, of knowing your self. It doesn't happen over night. It takes time. Sitting there every morning and every night, just you and your thoughts, is a process of building your sense of self.

So many people spend their entire lives, distracting themselves, from themselves and their problems. Drugs, sex, bad relationships, high powered stressful jobs, extreme sports, over eating, abuse of others, these are all things that distract and detract from the issues at hand.

But this daily practice will help know yourself deeper every day.

I wanted to share with you a passage from Disaku Ikeda,

Happiness doesn't exist on the far side of distant mountains. It is within you, yourself. Not you, however, sitting in idle passivity. It is to be found in the vibrant dynamism of your own life as you struggle to challenge and overcome one obstacle after another, as you clamber up a perilous ridge in pursuit of that which lies beyond.

So just focus on your daily practice, and have faith that you will succeed.

Chanting isnt a magic lantern, it wont magically change everything. You stil must take ACTION in your life, but what is important is FAITH. Faith in your life and that you can succeed in anything that you set your mind to, that you are capable and worthy.

That your life has meaning and that you deserve to have un-shakable happiness.

No matter where you are and what you do, we are all capable of manifesting the Buddha-nature.

Fond wishes and let me know how you get on.

Namaste Friend.



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