Monday, 31 January 2011

Beautifully Born Each Instant

Our lives appear to be unbroken blocks of seventy or eighty continuous years, but, actually... when you maintain the straightforward frankness of your own mind as it comes to life each instant, even without effort, even without training, you are beautifully born each instant. You die with each instant, and go on to be born again, instant by instant.

Soko Morinaga Roshi, "One Chance, One Encounter" excerpt from Tricycle daily guidance.

This is in indeed a wonderful quote. And it tells of the wonderful mystery of life. Even though we are  born and die and appear to have a life that is linear, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Locked within each of our lives, we are born and die a million times. From the cells in our bodies to the emotions we learn to master and the old pains we concur.

With each passing life, we learn and grow as a consciousness.

When we sit in our bodies, we feel solid, we feel whole, but what most people do not realise is that it is all an illusion. Matter is an illusion.

The only reason everything around you "feels" solid is because that is what your senses and your brain is telling you.

Your body is simply a tool with which your consciousness navigates the frame work of this reality. The framework is simply a void of pure energy, that comes together in many forms. Flesh, stone, wood etc

So as you move about your day and your life, begin to notice this principle, that your life is in flux, and the world around you is in flux.

Always appreciate that everything is changing, constantly.

When it comes to your life, know that nothing will stay the same. The myriad of emotions each of us feel from moment to moment is a good example of this. I know personally I can cycle through many emotions, each day. And the key to finding peace in this life is to master these emotions. To free your self of fear and regret.

Of course this isn't an instant process and it takes time and effort to move inwards and control these tools we have.

The mind is a wondrous thing, and as humans we understand so little about it.

But life is just a game, and once you know the rules you can being to play to your full potential.

Begin every day singing, chanting, praying, dancing... just move your body, your voice and your mind.

Now matter how old you are, always keep every thing moving. Especially your mind.

Just begin your day appreciating those moments, the happy ones and the sad ones.

Because just like all living things, we will transmute back to the earth one day.

Appreciate your life, because even though we are born again, in to a new life, each life is unique.

So as you are now, in this form. It will never happen again. You are unique.

So seize the day and know that your life and this moment is unique.

Use it well.



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