Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Change the things we can....

Life is full of surprises.
Sometimes being right isn't always the best path.

Sometimes simply by being a good person & leading by example is enough.

Cross-words are not always necessary.

I have learned in my short life that arguments and debate can sometimes be wasted words, as well as wasted time. Our lives on this earth are so short and time is so precious, why would you waste it trying to convince someone else you are right and they are wrong?

There are times in our lives when people will disagree with us and it isn't always possible to win these people over, sometimes it is just better to accept the things we can not change and focus on changing our lives for the better.

In my short time practicing the Buddhism of Nichiren Dishonan, I have met many people who have had various opinions on SGI, and chanting Nam myoho renge kyo.

There have been a few people who have had comments, stories, claims about how one person did this, and another person did that.

Each time I ask my self, have I ever experienced any of this? Have I ever experienced these kinds of things? And each time the answer is no.

I practice Nichiren Buddhism and I am part of the SGI, because it has brought great support to my life, it has connected me with a group of people who seem to really care about the future of our world, and about the future happiness of all humanity.

I feel sometimes that many people in this world, spend so much time trying to convience others that they are wrong, that they miss the whole point to why we are alive.

I believe deeply within my heart that we are put on this planet to love and be loved. To dance, and sing, to cry and hurt. We were put here to share life and loose life. To feel love and to loose love.

We chant nam myoho renge kyo every day becuase we want things to be better.

We want our lives to change and transform, and we want happiness for all humanity.

I want to be VERY CLEAR ABOUT THIS.....

This isnt about BEING PART OF A CLUB or BEING BUDDHIST or BEING A MEMBER OF SGI, this is about being a HUMAN BEING.

This is what it is about. About sharing life, about sharing suffering together and supporting the people around us who need it most.

Through chanting Nam myoho renge kyo daily, it gives us the reminder of who and what we are.

We are creators, we are inventors, we are beings of love. Not hate. Or War.

The suffering, the war and the disease we see in our lives are all the forces we are fighting against.

We have to keep fighting and one day, I believe we will win.

So being part of SGI isnt about being in a club, where you HAVE TO CONVINCE other people to join and that you way is the correct way.

Being part of SGI is about doing your human revolution, becoming more then what you were yesterday.

We are not an exclusive club, we are a family of people who believe that the world can be a better place.

We happen to have been blessed with the writings and teachings of many great men (Shakyamuni Buddha, Nichiren Dishion, Josei Toda, Disaku Ikeda, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi etc)

So you see, it doesnt matter what religion you practice and what you believe, if you are part of the SGI or not.

What matters is what is in your heart and what you want for the world, your country, your community, your family and ultimatly for your own life.

One day we will all stand side by side and look back at our difficult past, and realise that it was all part of the growing pains a young race like Humanity had to go through to learn the important lessons of life.

As far as the universe goes, the existance of Humanity is a blink of the eye.

One thing you can be sure of though is that no matter what happens here on Earth, the Universe will go on spinning, the stars will continue to be born and die.

Just realise that your very very short appearance on this cosmic stage is unique, and it should be treasured like a priceless jewel.

The next time you try to convience someone that your path is the correct way, spare a thought for what I have said and simply be.

Be the person you are and maybe through that, if they are so compelled, they might try walk the same path as you.

And should they choose not to, I would hope you would offer them respect and wave goodbye as you part ways on the golden road back to the center of all that is.

Fond wishes

Saturday, 9 April 2011

God, the universe and beyond.... The fundamental expression of life.

Who or what is God to you?

Hello Sir.

I am a young girl. Recently, I discovered that my view of what is God  and my beliefs in general fit more to Buddhism than any other existing religion. (Buddhism and the logic of the life-stream -we are energy that obtains mass through "birth" and has to clean it until it's pure and doesn't suffer the pains of existence but still exists-)

And...this one is very weird...I sat outside and closed my eyes and saw my spirit uniting with the whole universe. I mean, I felt that we are one. One life-force...I know it sounds weird, but it was beautiful. I am unsure whether I should consider making the big change. That's why I turn to you. I seek the truth, i want to know! I want to clean the life-force in me...what should I do?

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Nice to meet you.

What you describe is indeed a beautiful thing indeed. Nothing weird at all.

God is a concept, an idea if you will.

God is not something you can put in to words or in a box.

Over the centuries the church has done just that, they have taken the idea of God and put it on a box and tried to sell it, or use it to control people, create fear and suppress the potential of human kind.

If you see how big the churches have become, and how much power they have over peoples lives, you can see the proof there.

God is not a man, or a woman, God is not a human being. God has no form.

God is and all that is is God.

In Buddhism we don't believe in the concept of God.

The creative exuberant power of the universe,  this is exactly what "God" is.

God is the power and energy that weaves its self through all existence, through flesh and bone, stone and grass, water and gas.

Godis the creative force that brings cohesion to all that is.

As you look around you, the world you see, seems separate and solid, but it is not.

Everything around you is simply matter expressing itself in different ways; flesh, stone, gas, liquid etc.

And of course all this matter you see is simply energy, re-arranged in different ways.

What you see is your eyes interpreting a field of energy.

Each object gives off a different field and so when you see it, smell it, touch it, taste it, your body is simply interpreting this energy and sending the information back to your brain.

As you walk through your daily life, you interact with the field, and you interpret it with your eyes, your sense of touch, taste, smell and thought.

So in answer to your question, is yes you are correct. We are all connected.

You, me, the table the chairs, the soil, the mountains, the rivers and the streams, the fish and the birds.

Everything you see, is a part of the web of life. We are a part of it.

Buddhism is about becoming aware of your place in this web and being aware of your actions as a living being.

Through every single thought, word and action we create a ripple of change that spirals outward from the microcosm of our lives to the macrocosm of the universe.

So this is the goal of what we are trying to achieve, through the human revolution and individual personal happiness.

As each person finds happiness within them selves, the effect is like a domino.

Everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad.

Through these situations we are able transform our lives, our societies, our world.

If you watch the first video on my profile is explains what the SGI is about and how our movement is changing one life at a time, empowering people to build strong and unshakable happiness.

The path is not easy, it is fraught with struggles, but I believe that through Buddhist principles we can have the lives and world we dream of.

What's wonderful is that the "power" comes from within us... never from outside us.

So when you chant Nam Myoho renge kyo, remember that you are tapping in to the power of the universe. If you want to call it God, you can.

But always remember it begins with you.

Fond wishes,

Checkout a post by  my fellow SGI Nichiren Buddhist David Hare over on his blog - Thanking the spoon

Monday, 4 April 2011

Is SGI a cult?

Follow the white rabbit.


 I have recently have started to go to SGI meeting with my aunt and have enjoyed them greatly. I even thought about officialy joining. I have been asked by people is it a cult well i dont know from my experiences it is completly sincere and doesnt in any way exsploit its members. what is your take on these people and these opinions

Hello Friend,

No SGI is not a cult. However you cant take my word for it, the definition of cult is as follows;

  1. A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
  2. A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

I think it recent years it has been seen as a bad word, as it is associated with a lot of negativity.

One of the definitions states that it is an exclusive religion.

If that is the definition we are to use then no, it is not.

It is an inclusive religion that does NOT exclude anyone. It is a faith based on humanistic point of view.

It is also a lay organisation which means it is run by everyday people like you and me.

Disaku Ikeda is the president, and you could also call him a spiritual leader, but he is no means "in charge".

When he steps down, as the final president, it will be us the youth that picks up the SGI.

There is a system of "people structure" in the organisation, but they are only there to help support people and run meetings. Nothing More. There is NO authoritative hierarchy.

And you are always ACTIVELY encouraged to challenge others if you disagree with their views. Dialogue is key to our peace movement.

The UN, has called the discussion meetings of SGI, the biggest movement towards peace, currently known on earth.

The practice is founded on daily life, and is focused on individual happiness.

Watch the video on my profile, it explains all. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiW0KAPfsXA&feature=channel_video_title)

You will always meet egotistical people, no matter what faith you are in.

There are some wonderfully loving Christians, but also some really egotistical ones.

The same goes for Buddhism.

As a whole, most people I have had dealings with are lovely, kind, compassionate and loving people. Who all want the world to be a better place.

Thats it. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

http://nichirenbuddhismlondon.blogspot.com/ -- this is my blog, as I dont really get much time to make videos any more.

Just trust your heart and realise that this practice is about building yoru self up and becomng the best human being you can be.

Through our suffering and our earthly desires, we can find our enlightenment, that is the official line haha

There are no laws and rules and dogma.

Only that you MUST consider EVERYTHING; your words, your thoughts and your actions.

These all create causes in your life and will result in an effect (karma)

It really is that simple.

Hope that clears up some of your questions.

Fond wishes


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