Saturday, 21 May 2011

Take time for your self and the world

Is it time to STOP and evaluate your life?

A time to stop.
A time to take stock.
A time to find a moment for yourself.
A time to figure out life's problems.
A time to be by yourself.

A time to show the world you care.
A time to be at one with what is right.
A time to release the infinite potential of your humanity.

A time to be human.

A time to let go of anger.
A time to let go of hate.
A time to let go of suffering.

A time to show unmeasurable love and compassion to others.

A time to be a Buddha.



  1. A time to give you a great big ((((HUG))))): Indeed it is! After a great difficulty that I am helping my husband and my in-laws be victorious over, I am happy to report that after Toso this morning I was their source of encouragement. And believe me, most of my life *I* have been the one who seeks out encouragement because I tend to be a typical Virgo who worries over & over & seeks others for encouragement. As wonderful man named Jay said at my reception of my Gohonzon, "This is the beginning of your new life." Yes it is. All my love & gratitude to you :) NMRK!

  2. Hi Letty,

    I am so happy to hear from you and that you are doing well.

    Never give up and never let life get you down.

    What ever life throws at you, you can handle it.

    You are a Buddha.

    Use Nam myoho renge kyo, to cut through the illusion and create a life brimming with joy and abundance and good health.

    Fond wishes



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