Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I want others to change. I am angry at my parents for criticising me and my faith.

Who are you?

Hello Mr.Robbie,

I am very sorry for disturbing you. I found myself being criticized for my faith by my parents and girlfriend, something which makes me feel angry and sometimes I'm facing trouble staying content, thus not following the third precept. Is there any way I can manage to preserve a calm stay of mind and stay unaffected by negative words? I am greatly worried to find myself often wanting to go back to my previous philosophy because of the pressure applied on me for that matter, but on the other hand, as you saw yourself, my philosophy of life and the way things are is more on the Buddhist side. I surely found strength and compassion inside me, but I think I need some help on the anger part...what should I do?

Thank you for your time to read this.

Hello Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to write.

It always touches me deeply when a person writes to me to share their life, so I wanted to thank you and show my gratitude to you.

Together we can win in life. You are never alone. Never forget that.

When it comes to anger, I think the biggest thing to realise is that the reaction in our selves is often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves or our faith. If we feel insecure about our selves and our faith, this means we can easily become defensive, as we feel we are under attack.

However, when a person has a strong sense of identity, or an even stronger faith or high life state, they will not react in an aggressive way to even the most horrific criticism, as their confidence in them selves or their faith is unshakable.

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can not hurt me. This may be a cliché but it rings true always.

No matter what others say about you, the single most important thing is how you feel about yourself and how you feel towards your faith.

Chanting earnest diamoku (nam myoho renge kyo) every day, will help you cut through this illusion.

You parents and your girlfriend should be able to see the changes in you as a person with your diamoku.

Using your prayers to transform your relationships with your parents and your girlfriend.

Often, what we want is for others to change. We raise our fists at these people and shout CHANGE CHANGE, WHY WON'T YOU CHANGE?

However, what you must realise is that you can NEVER get others to change. You are the one that must change.

In your heart a change must occur for this obstacle to pass. The more you chant for the happiness of your self and your family, things will change.

As you change, your environment will respond and so will the people in it.

Always focus on your prayer and your study. Learn more about Buddhist teachings.

Prayer, Faith and Study. These three things are key to cutting through the bullshit/illusion that is all around us.

This illusion comes in many forms but most of the time, it is all in our head.

As we create these strong beliefs, we project outwards and manifest situations, relationships, illnesses etc.

Never forget you have the gift of the Buddha nature, within you.

Limitless amounts of wisdom, courage and strength.

Chant Nam myoho renge kyo and use this to transform you life, let go of your anger and feel love.

Fond wishes

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Never stop asking questions...

Do you have a question your afraid to ask?

The Soka Gakkai is an incredibly noble & beautiful gathering of people united together in a spirit of mutual support & encouragement. But this does not mean we should sit in idle passivity, we should challenge other members & even our leaders with questions & discussion. Never simply accept other peoples beliefs unless u understand them fully & deeply. Always speak out if u do not feel comfortable about something.


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