Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What is the point of all this struggling?

Do you ever want to get in to a rocket and just fly away?

It's not about money.
It's not about winning.
It's not about the approval of others.
It's not about fame.

It's not about having the biggest house, or the biggest TV.

It's about living in the moment, and savouring your life, how ever long or short, with deep joy in your heart.

You are better then all of this stuff.

Reach down in to your life and call forth the limitless love and compassion that exists innately in you.

You can have unshakable happiness it lives within your life.

Money is great.
Winning can be a great reward.
Having the approval of your friends and family can feel so so good.
Fame, well... that is a whole different ball of cheese.

What is important is this moment. Right now. Ask your self, "Who am I?" "What do I want?", "What do I want from my life?", "How will I have an impact on the world around me?", "Where am I going?"

Money is not bad, money is not good. Money is neutral. If money is all you worry about, then I think your problem doesn't lie with money, its the fear that is your problem.

I have friends that often say, "I HATE MONEY!!"

I would love it if their small little pile of coins shouted back; "WE HATE YOU TOO!!!"

But it wont, because abundance is something that often comes, when we have already found a deeper happiness.

Now, abundance isnt just about money. It can be food, health, a home to live in. This is a quality of life that all human beings should have and enjoy in their lives on earth.

Sadly this isn't the case for millions of people every day, who have no food or clean water.

The point I am trying to make is one of gratitude. When ever you find your self complaining, look around you and realise how much you really do have.

No matter if you are a rich banker in London, or a young girl living in a shanty town in South Africa.

Each one of us has something to hold on to, some kind of hope.

You may think that its impossible for those in shanty towns in Africa and else where, but I do believe that with deep faith, we can move mountains.

Be you Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Jewish. When we reach deep in to our lives and bring forth a faith, we are able to turn the most horrific situations around and summon the blinding light of our humanity.

Never forget how unique you are as a human being. Each precious moment is your chance to start your life over and be reborn in to a new perfect moment.

Walk away from that violent relationship, quite that job you hate, tell your parents you are gay, stand up to the bully at school... what ever you do, just do something.

At the moment, my life is in deadlock. What I mean by this is that I feel things have stagnated. My friendships have become difficult, my business is suffering, my Buddhist practice has taken a nose dive.

And in this hour of chaos and misfortune, it makes me stop and think. What am I doing? Is this the right direction?

Life has a funny way of showing you signs. It could be illness, it could be a death, it could be sudden loss of money, it could be a broken relationship. What ever it is life has a way of saying, STOP, this needs to be re-thought out.

Where ever you are right now, just remember that your troubles are there for a reason. They are fuel for you, to put in your rocket of life, to help drive you forward. This resistance or fundamental darkness is a natural part of the universe, simply expressing it's self in your life in one way or another.

It's time to stand up, wave your fist and shout at it.


Keep fighting the darkness.

Bobby x


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