Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It all begins with you...

Which way? Where should I begin? Do you have the answer?
When we are in a hell state, we are in the lower worlds.

We easily succumb to suffering, illness and negativity of others.
When we chant regularly and believe with all our hearts that we can succeed, we become unstoppable. 

Chanting nam myoho renge kyo is a sure way to build your sense of self.

Life has a funny way of crushing us. We feel like a grain of dust at times, but it's time to stand up, be strong and remove the negative karma, from your family, friends, relationships, and past experiences and choices.

This is a tool which will help you find your self again.

The wonderful thing is, that its all you.

It's all in there already. You dont need a guru. An angel. A retreat. or anyone else. The power to transform the poison in to medicine is in your hands.

Let's begin today.


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