Thursday, 30 August 2012

Inner Prisms - Everything is Changing

Listen to the sublime sounds of Mr Gerald Penilla in Inner Prisms. Gerald will take you on an uplifting journey of sound and expression. Inner Prisms projects a message of love and respect across the multiverse for all to enjoy. A truly gifted man thats inspired me with his videos and music.

Thanks Gerald!

Everything is changing by the amazing
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22 May 2010 Lead Vocals/Guitar - Gerald Penilla 
Bass/Back Up Vocals - Ruben Ruvalcaba
Percussion - Husni Abu Bakar, Nick Rumancik
Additional Musicians - Carlos Andres Baron (Sitar - Meditation Track), Adam Elabd (Guitar/Vocals - Meditation Track), Husni Abu Bakar (Percussion, Back Up Vocals - Meditation Track), Sam Marsey (Harmonica - Young Man)
(Additional Guitar - Every Is Changing/Dusty Road)(Final Meditation - René Lysloff)

Around and Around we go...

Round and round we go.
On this little circle of rock, air, fire and water.
Together we spin.
Together we twirl.
Round and round we go.
- Bobby


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