Thursday, 30 August 2012

Inner Prisms - Everything is Changing

Listen to the sublime sounds of Mr Gerald Penilla in Inner Prisms. Gerald will take you on an uplifting journey of sound and expression. Inner Prisms projects a message of love and respect across the multiverse for all to enjoy. A truly gifted man thats inspired me with his videos and music.

Thanks Gerald!

Everything is changing by the amazing
Download and share this wonderful album here - released

22 May 2010 Lead Vocals/Guitar - Gerald Penilla 
Bass/Back Up Vocals - Ruben Ruvalcaba
Percussion - Husni Abu Bakar, Nick Rumancik
Additional Musicians - Carlos Andres Baron (Sitar - Meditation Track), Adam Elabd (Guitar/Vocals - Meditation Track), Husni Abu Bakar (Percussion, Back Up Vocals - Meditation Track), Sam Marsey (Harmonica - Young Man)
(Additional Guitar - Every Is Changing/Dusty Road)(Final Meditation - René Lysloff)


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