Friday, 14 September 2012

The Onenes of self and environment - Esho Funi - How being in a hell state can be reflected in your environment

Something very interesting happend a few days ago.

Whilst trapped in my hell state, I witness clear oneness of self and environment - (Esho Funi in Japanese) - I was in a restaurant and had an agressive, man sat behind me swearing and cursing at the waitress.

He was seething with anger and rage.

Shortly after we left the restaurant and walked home, just as we were about to cross the road, two cars, were sparing in the circle, the occupants screaming at each other, waving fists and shouting profanities.

I took a moment to realize just how dangerous it can be to be trapped in a hell state, how the environment around you can reflect this back to you. Causing all sorts of potential hazards. Being Buddhist I am very fortunate enough to be able to see these connections, and I took time to realize that I needed to "snap out of it"

Earlier that day I was almost run over by a large van in the city, as I was too preoccupied with being in this hell state. All sorts of things can go wrong, if our minds are clouded by anger, rage and revenge. 

It's very important to work towards a higher life state where we do not allow ourselves to react with anger.

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