Friday, 21 December 2012

The End of the World as We Know It....

How was it for you?
21 December 2012

Today is a day like any other day. Yesterday and today were the same. A gift. A privilege. Each day that we exist on this earth is a miracle. The fact that this tiny little speck of a planet has survived this long, in this corner of our ever changing galaxy is a wonder all on its own.

Where as I don't particularly subscribe to the date related focus on change, I do believe that if enough people try to align them selves with a new way of being, a paradigm shift will occur.

The work for Professor Sheldrake points to the idea of a morphic field, which acts like a connecting mechanism to our combined collective consciousness, the creative physical design storehouse of our species.

If enough of us awaken to a life of non-vioelence and compassion for others, the world will shift and things will change.

But this is more a self fulfilling prophecy then a galactic alignment.

Planets and stars align all the time, in-fact in 1998 we aligned with the center of the milky way and nothing major happened.

Change is defiantly coming, but this is down to the desire for change, not the numbers on a calendar created in the 1584.

There is magic in the air, there always has been, but we create it with our minds and our thoughts, the magic of change and shift comes from within us, not from outside of us.

We are the change, we seek.



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