Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Is bitterness a selfish act?

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Earlier I wrote that bitterness is a selfish act, but I removed it from the post.

What do you think? Do you know someone who lives in a constant state of bitterness? Do you feel like it is a selfish act or do you not? Obviously, when we are in this state, we are suffering, but when we are so inwardly focused, it is impossible for us to see the potential of a future that displays anything other then the emotion we are trapped in.

A hell state.

In a way, our future becomes paralysed by this bitterness. It becomes locked in a block of ice, never really taking shape.

People who I have known in my life, trapped in a strong cycle of bitter regret, seem almost impossible to get through to. Their eyes are covered over with the dark cold hands of bitter and regret.

There are many reasons for this; abuse, alcoholism, neglect, depression, low self esteem, the list is endless. I dont wish to oversimplify something that is indeed a very complex human difficulty.

I removed it from the post previously, as I dont want readers to think that by me asking them to stop being bitter, I am some how invalidating their feelings about a situation or experience in their lives. On the contrary, I think its vital that we let it out, share and open up.

But I think its also very important that we focus on the future, see the possibilities of what we can become, on change and on making things better.

And though, despite all our technology, our wisdom and our civilisation, we are unable to avoid the mistakes made by the ones who came before us.

Are we destined to make the same choices over and over, or will we transform and flourish?

Personal I like to hope for the latter.

Nam myoho renge kyo


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