Wednesday, 15 May 2013

1 Hour Daimoku Live Recording London

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Some time ago, after many requests I created a 1 hour daimoku video. This was done with love as many people had asked about creating something on Youtube that they could use to chant with their friends and at their meetings.

Due to a rather strange legal battle, it was removed. After many many letters and requests I fought this battle and won! Since then I have decided that I wanted us to record our own audio and share that with the world.

Ideally we would all chant together regularly, not only is it an inspirational and uplifting experience but it enlivens our practice and reminds us about why we chant.

Unity, is an essential part of our organisation, "many in body and one in mind" is the principle that we are all working together to bring change to the world. This doesn't mean we are mindless drones following a far away leader, but working together to make a difference, with the same vision in our hearts.

For me the principle function of the SGI is preserve the teachings for Nichiren Buddhism, but also to empower individual people to become more, to stand up and have the courage to make powerful changes in their lives, their communities and the world.

The chanting of Daimoku (nam myoho renge kyo), is a enigmatic and profound process of actualising the inner self-worth and resolve that builds a strength, allowing a person to become a truly great human being.

Now greatness isn't about money, or material possessions, but instead about potential within our humanity.

There are many examples of people from all walks of life, from the every corner of the Earth who have stood up, within their communities and changed the impossible.

This has happend because of self belief, hope and vision.

The worlds people need more hope, vision and self belief and I am certain that the more us who begin to find the true nature of our being, the closer we will get to a peaceful Earth.

Join me and many others on June 8th 2013 at the London Ikeda Peace Center at 12pm - 3pm for a live 1 hour recording of Daimoku, as a gift for the world. It will be given its own page on the internet and will be our way of sharing our voices and prayers with the millions of other Buddhists and non-Buddhists across the globe.

"Awaken to the vast power you possess! Chant Daimoku with the firm belief that you will achieve a life of great fulfilment. This itself is the true heritage" - Daisaku Ikeda

Hope to see you there.



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