Friday, 28 June 2013

Inspiring Blog Award

Thank you to Vanessa Gobes at Bringing Up Buddhas for awarding me with this.

Please visit her page, This is fanastic page where Vanessa writes about life and bringing up children as Buddhists.

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1.  Vanessa Gobes - This is a space where buddhist and peace-seeking parents can connect with and learn with each other.

2. Davey Wavey Davey Wavey is a YouTube personality with more than 100 million video views in more than 160 countries around the world. Using his platform to spread a message of love, acceptance and the occasional penis joke, Davey has become one of the leading online voices for the gay and lesbian community. Famous for his authentic and often irreverent approach, some of Davey’s 600+ videos include What Gay Guys Think About Vaginas, Straight Guy Sexy Underwear Crisis, Coming Out to Siri and Naked in New York.

3. A Buddhist Podcast - A blog about the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. Jason and Karen Jarrett

4. Ralph Smart - Ralph Smart is a Psychologist. Author. Counsellor. Life Coach. Relationship Guide. Alchemist. Researcher. Radio Host. Musician. Graphic Designer. Cinematographer. & Infinite Being.

5. Seleus Blelis - My SGI Lotus Flower Blog: Spreading the wonders and joy of Nichiren Buddhism through articles, experiences, art, music, film, comedy and pop culture. For beginners to long time members, I hope this blog serves you well. Like the Lotus Flower we can bloom right where we are.

6. Michael N  is a project dedicated to an independent exploration of the philosophy and practice of Nichiren Buddhism.

Thanks again Vanessa!

Love and Gratitude


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