Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I have something important for you to tell your children....

We all loose our innocence at some point in our lives, but when it is served up on a plate for the enjoyment of all for money and advertising, we loose a part of our selves. 

You are beautiful. You are enough. The world we live in is twisted and broken and for your entire life you will be subjected to all kinds of lies that tell you that you are not enough. You are not thin enough. You are not tanned enough. You are not smooth, soft, shiny, firm, tight, fit, silky, blonde, hairless enough. Your teeth are not white enough. Your legs are not long enough. Your clothes are not stylish enough. You are not educated enough. You don’t have enough experience. You are not creative enough.

There is a beauty industry, a fashion industry, a television industry, (and most unfortunately) a pornography industry: and all of these have unique ways of communicating to bright young women: you are not beautiful, sexy, smart or valuable enough.

You must have the clarity and common sense to know that none of that is true. None of it.

You were created for a purpose, exactly so. You have innate value. You are loved more than you could ever comprehend; it is mind-boggling how much you are adored. There has never been, and there will never be another you. Therefore, you have unique thoughts to offer the world. They are only yours, and we all lose out if you are too fearful to share them.
You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.

Kate Conner

Kate Conner is a wife to Dan and momma to Madeline, Sam, and Henry. A writer, speaker, and apparently, a blogger. She writes about the Funny, serious, good, hard, embarrassing, inspiring stuff.

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