Friday, 3 January 2014

Grief and love by Charlotte Pulver.

Found my self in a storm of grief today.
Being a human being certainly is a wild thing.

You never know what is round the corner, what lesson there is to learn, how much further the heart can hold pain, expand and stretch.

Love and grief walk hand and hand I feel.
I am learning that they are lovers.
When I truly allow the grief to wash through me, my heart feels like it is both breaking into pieces...yet breaking open.....breaking open

Humans grieve essentially for the loss of love, life and beauty in which our hearts have been profoundly touched.

I am learning when grieving the loss of some one, thing or experience...the tears of grief are indeed an ally. An ally for the heart to be cleansed and held...ferrying us like a boat through the shock and loss...into love.

Because when we say goodbye to those we love...and at the end of our very own days...the only thing we can ever take with us

So in those times of loss, the natural forces of change - I encourage you not to be scared by the tidal waves of grief. Make an ally of it - it will help you to extract the love. The essential medicine that is at the heart of everything. And this love is something that can never be stolen, destroyed or lost...for it is truly eternal.

By Charlotte Pulver


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