Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Magic Makers - The teens changing the world

Please support my friend Melissa Jun Rowley get her show funded, a earth shattering and life affirming production that showcases a collection of incredibly gifted teenagers from across the globe, inventing solutions to address some of the toughest problems we face today.

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Melissa says "Hello! My name is Melissa. A year ago, I noticed a trend taking shape in technology, science, and the arts. I began hearing stories about brilliant, imaginative teens inventing solutions to address some of the toughest problems across the globe.

One day, I read a story about a 16-year-old who found a new way to detect pancreatic cancer. A week later when l learned of a 17-year-old who created a robotic arm that’s controlled by brainwaves. After that, I was introduced to a teen author, who spoke at TED about what adults can learn from children. I thought, “something special is happening.” This isn’t a trend. It’s a movement. There is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) renaissance beginning to set fire to the world, and young people are moving mountains to see it to fruition. I decided that I needed to meet these teens and other young STEAM activists and tell their stories. That’s how the idea for our docu-series “Magic Makers” evolved. We want to collaborate with students, teachers, and mentors to spotlight the work they’re doing to improve education models, and work with them to prototype solutions for challenges in their schools and hometowns.

Our crowdfunding goal is to raise $75K to film the pilot of “Magic Makers” in New York City. The funds will cover production fees, travel expenses, and post-production costs.

Every time I talk to the current nine cast members of “Magic Makers”, I am inspired by their fearlessness, authenticity, and drive to help others. They are genuine articles of the most connected and informed generation to date. Please join us on what is sure to be an epic journey and celebration of what the convergence of youth, STEAM education, and the great human spirit can accomplish."

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Melissa Jun Rowley is a television and online journalist, writer and activist who currently resides and works in Los Angeles.

Rowley's writing has been featured on CBS News, Mashable, Discovery Channel, BlogHer and others, and she has produced and reported on the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Grammy Awards, and SAG Awards for CNN, Associated Press, E! Entertainment, TV Guide Channel and AMC. She has also covered business news from the New York Stock Exchange for CNN Business News.

Rowley is currently the Social Media Correspondent for the live interactive show What's Trending. She is the founder of Incentivize, Inc., a media company dedicated to creating content that drives social good.


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