Sunday, 9 February 2014

Project 562: Changing The Way We See Native America

About Project 562

Last December, I sold everything in my Seattle apartment, packed a few essentials into my war pony, and hit the open road. Since then, I’ve been embarking on an epic adventure: Project 562.

For the past year I have been fulfilling the project’s goal of photographing citizens of each federally recognized tribe in the United States (there are now 566). Most of the time, I’ve been invited to geographically remote reservations to take portraits and hear stories from a myriad of tribes, while at other times I've photographed members of the 70 percent of Native Americans living in urban settings. My hope, is that when the project is complete, it will serve to educate the nation and shift the collective consciousness toward recognizing our own indigenous communities.

Imagine walking through an exhibit and realizing the complex variety of contemporary Native America. Imagine experiencing a website or book, that offered insight into every Tribal Nation in the United States. What if you could download previously untold histories and stories from Apaches, Swinomish, Hualapai, Northern Cheyenne, Tlingit, Pomo, Lumbee, and other first peoples? What if you had heard those stories in grade school?

Project 562 is making all this happen.

With Your Support 

This is Project 562's second Kickstarter campaign for critical funding for our second year on the road. Your help covering the ongoing expenses for transportation, film, administration, lodging, and meals will keep Project 562 strong and on target.


We are delighted to offer wonderful "reward" items for this year's Kickstarter. We've partnered with noted Native American fashion designer and artist Bethany Yellowtail for limited edition couture pieces along with original sweatshirts, spirit tees, sweater dresses, and Project 562 posters.We hope you’ll be as pleased as we are with these unique, attractive acknowledgements of your support.


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