Monday, 17 March 2014


A man strives to grant forgiveness after a devastating loss.

The only way to fight hatred is with love. You can not banish the darkness of hatred with more hate. The world is full of hate, the world is full of love. Like light and dark these opposing forces cancel each other out.

Darkness is merely an absence of light, just like hate is merely an absence of love.

The hatred that lives in the hearts of men and women can not exist when drowned out by love.

The people that oppress us, silence us and shut us down, must be sent love, not hate for if we allow hatred in our hearts we can become the ones we hate, with ease.

Hatred is like a poison that destroys and obliterates your humanity, it smothers millions of years of progress of our consciousness, it is the darkness within us.

Hatred is easy, it is a lower path, we can fall in to this like a leaf falling from a tree into the cool river below. But to love those who persecute us can be likened to an ant lifting Mount Fuji on its back.

Love and Compassion are our biggest weapons in our daily struggle against hatred.

Nam myoho renge kyo
Nam myoho renge kyo
Nam myoho renge kyo


I urge you to listen to this story of forgiveness -

{it left me speechless}


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