Friday, 2 May 2014

Buddhism and the existance of God.

Did you know that Buddhism as a philosophy does not deny the existence of a God, Goddess, or multiple Gods.

Gautama Buddha personally,  rejected the existence of a creator deity, refused to endorse many views on creation and stated that questions on the origin of the world are not ultimately useful for ending suffering.

Buddhism, instead, emphasizes the system of causal relationships underlying the universe which constitute the natural order and source of enlightenment. No dependence of phenomena on a supernatural reality is asserted in order to explain the behaviour of matter.

According to the doctrine of the Buddha, a human being must study nature in order to attain personal wisdom regarding the nature of things. In Buddhism, the sole aim of spiritual practice is the complete alleviation of stress in samsara, which is called nirvana.

All that said, Buddhism's focus is personal choice,  compassionate acts, learning and understanding.

So if you want to practice Buddhism and practice Christianity or any other religion for that matter, there is nothing stopping you. No-one should stop you.

Dont ever let anyone tell you you can't be both Christian and Buddhist.

Allow your spiritual practice to flow through you. Allow it to change you for the better. Do not let anyone restrain you, or hinder you. Take from each in such a way that you soar and emerge in to the splendor of who you were meant to be.

I believe that is what the Buddha would want. A freedom from restraint. Freedom from suffering. If someone tells you "no you cant do that..." it can cause you to suffer.

Follow your heart, treat other people well. Do not project your personal restrictions and limiting thoughts on others.

Die happy. It is that simple.

Nam myoho renge kyo


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