Friday, 30 May 2014

Good people, helping other people and creating value in our society.

Sevenly People : Nick Jacobs from Mark Anderson on Vimeo.

Seenly was built upon the idea that “People Matter”. This includes everyone from the people that benefit from the money we raise, to the people that support the charities, to the people that keep Sevenly moving. This is the first film in a new series called, “Sevenly People”. The series will focus on individual team members, who they are and what they do. The first in this series is of Nick Jacobs, the buyer.

Nick has a very simple yet profound quality about himself, which is his ability to recognize the possibility in every situation, whether it’s doing laundry at the laundromat or losing a job. That quality coupled with his natural craving for adventure has taken him across the world. If you ever have the opportunity to cross Nick’s path, make sure to treat him to a coffee and ask him to tell you the tale of how he went from shopping for a used washing machine and ended up on a hippie reservation.
After interviewing Nick, we realized there was a lot of amazing things he said that didn’t make it into the video. So we transcribed some of those excerpts, beginning with his decision to travel the world after leaving his job of 10 years.

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Directed by: Brandon Wall & Mark Anderson
Creative Direction: Danny Blanton
Art Direction: Trevor Rogers
Lettering: Zachary Smith
"Foreign Bodies" by Radiation City
"Building Houses" by Wesley Jensen
Music Licensed by Marmoset

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