Friday, 27 June 2014

There is no hell

There is no such thing as hell.

Hell only exists in your mind, in your life state and most obviously in your circumstances in human form.

The hell for most westerners was created by the church as a tool to control, scarce and manipulate people.

Bishop Spong says “You and I are emerging people, not fallen people. Our problem is not that we are born in sin, our problem is we do not yet know how to achieve being fully human. The function of the Christ is not to rescue the sinners, but to empower you and call you to be more deeply and fully human than you ever realized there was the potential within you to be. Maybe salvation needs to be conveyed in terms of enhancing your humanity rather than rescuing you from it.”

Bishop Spong: “Life is a startling and wondrous experience. Eventually I think we’re going to discover that god is unfolding through the life of our consciousness and our self-consciousness and is not a parent-figure up in the sky.”

Swap out God for Universe, and it makes perfect sense.

I imagine for the same reasons it was also used in Eastern religions as a form of threat, to get people to behave correctly.

Consciousness is always in flux, it is always in movement, it is always growing. Consciousness gives rise to form. Always. It gave rise to the universe.

When we die and our bodies perish, what was good and what was evil remains like a groove in the rock after a river has carved its way through after thousands of years.

Consciousness can never be still, be stagnant, that is why the concept of heaven or hell is illogical to me.

We are always expanding,  always growing,  always becoming more.

No matter how evil you think someone is, each life, no matter how evil simply leads to something else.

Just as the entire Universe was born out of negative energy, so too do you and I appear and then disappear.

Weaving in and out of reality, in a playful expression, that is exactly what we are.

Consciousness as an expression, using matter as a tool to experience space and time.

For what purpose?

Expression, exploration, expansion and then possible implossion. Like the beating of a heart, the rising and falling of the breath. The seasons, the turning of the Earth, the spinning of the galaxies.

Once you see it, you can feel it.

Open the way to expansion.

Nam myoho renge kyo
Nam myoho renge kyo
Nam myoho renge kyo 

So clean its killing us

Did you know that the average American comes in to contact with over 72 000 chemicals every year.

Mothers who stay at home have a 52% higher chance of developing cancer from mothers who work away from the home.

Did you know that your cleaning products in your homes are full of toxic, endocrine disrupting ecosystem damaging chemicals.

These toxic chemicals are found in household cleaners, fabric refreshers like febreze, plug in air fresheners, kitchen cleaners.

All these chemicals which you use every day, are absorbed into your lungs and through your skin.

Chemerical - Feature Documentary from andrew nisker on Vimeo.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

What does nam(u) myoho renge kyo mean? 妙法蓮華経 / 妙法蓮華經

What does nam(u) myoho renge kyo actually mean?

The commonly used translation (mostly SGI) :

Nam(u) (南無) from the Sanskrit namas meaning 'devotion to'
Myō (妙) meaning 'strange', 'mystery', 'miracle', cleverness'
Hō (法) meaning 'law', 'principle', 'doctrine'
Myōhō (妙法) meaning 'supreme (marvelous) law of Buddha'
Ren (蓮) meaning 'lotus'
Ge (華) meaning 'flower'
Kyō (経) meaning 'sutra' or 'teaching'

Directly translated; devotion to the good/wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra

Eastern Languages translations: 

Sanskrit: सद्धर्मपुण्डरीकसूत्र Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra
Chinese: 妙法蓮華經 miàofǎ liánhuá jīng, shortened to 法華經 fǎhuá jīng
Japanese: 妙法蓮華経 myōhō-renge-kyō, shortened to 法華経 hokke-kyō, hoke-kyō
Korean: 묘법연화경 myobeop yeonhwa gyeong, shortened to 법화경 beophwa gyeong
Standard Tibetan: དམ་ཆོས་པད་མ་དཀར་པོའི་མདོ dam chos pad-ma dkar po'i mdo
Vietnamese: Diệu pháp liên hoa kinh, shortened to Pháp hoa kinh
Sinhala language: Arya Saddharma Pundareeka Suthraya

My translation;

To actively become aware that with every single word, thought and action, you are creating karma, for yourself and for the entire planet and that these choices have far reaching consequences on the world we live in.

Through the daily practice of chanting nam(u) myoho renge kyo we begin to sift through the layers of our minds, emotions, egos, and personalities to try to reveal a part of ourselves that ultimately gives us the courage to become truly happy and in that help transform the world into a place for abundance and joy.

Chanting is a mindful process, it takes effort, time and consistency. Do not expect to transform all your challenges and personal issues in 5 minutes. It can take a lifetime of inner transformation to reveal your true nature, but the wonderful thing about Nichiren's Buddhism, is that there is always hope.

Nichiren's Buddhism is always concerned with winning and surmounting all obstacles in life no matter what.

You may ask then "why does it take so long?" Well the answer is quite simply that the power is in the journey, through that process of transformation occurs, that is where your consciousness grows expands and becomes something more, with every passing day of being in human form.

Onward and upward on the path towards a lifestate that supports and encourages unshakable happiness.

How to begin chanting?

Friday, 13 June 2014

We are light. Light we are.

We are light. Light we are.

Consider the idea that we are energy or light in a focused form. Ponder for a moment the idea that there is a sea of matter all around us in the form of fields and waves.

You are I are one within that field. Each of us a point on a wave of possibility and probability.

When the Buddha reached his point of enlightenment, he was everywhere and everything in a single moment.

Like a particle in superposition.

Watch the film below, I had to watch it a few times to absorb it.

Prepare to expand your imagination...

Words & Editing by Garret John LoPorto

About the creator

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The Occupy Movement In September 2011 LoPorto joined Occupy Wall Street in New York City,[9] and on 96.9 FM Conservative Talk Radio was described as one of the organisers of Occupy Boston[10] Oath Keepers however released a statement confirming there is "no alliance" between themselves and, LoPorto's organisation. They also affirm that Loporto was only a "volunteer", and he has since been removed from that position. 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

What is the nature of reality? My mind was just blown out of its box. BAM!

Recently I have been studying a lot about Quantum physics in a quest to better understand the nature of reality.

What is matter? What is the Universe doing here? Why does this all exists in the first place.

Often when I chant, I feel like I get small bits of information about the nature of reality, almost like an echo in the distance.

I found this video on Youtube today which blew my mind.

Especially the bit about the nature of waves and particles changing their shape/nature when there is an observer.

Spoooooky, Einstein would have called it.

What do you think? Leave some comments about what you think is the nature of reality.


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