Thursday, 4 September 2014

Chanting for love

When you are chanting to be with someone you love, always chant for their happiness first.

We are sometimes afraid to do so, thinking what if their happiness does not include you? What if their happiness means being with someone else? This is when we should realise that no matter how many strategies you make, how many prayers you write, the Gohonzon will always give you results based on your intent.

Love is never selfish, it is always selfless and unconditional. If you love someone, their happiness is what should matter, absolute happiness, then you can't choose what or who will make them happy. You can't have a conditional prayer saying that XYZ will only be happy with me or XYZ's happiness will lie in being with me.

You can of course chant for both your happiness to be linked and connected, and that you will awaken each others happiness, but their absolute happiness should always be first and foremost.

With this intent, unconditional love, and a focused and powerful Daimoku, you will see victory in a way you never imagined!

This is my personal experience

Parul Sukhwani
BSG Member and Radio Talk Show Host


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