Sunday, 28 September 2014

The purpose of life is happiness...

The purpose of your life is happiness. What a joyful use of a human life, of our short time on this planet then a deep and profound happiness. This happiness is not luxury but an absolute right of all people.

Happiness must be created within us, by us. It is our responsibility to assure that happiness is part of our duty to others, to our entire community, to our entire world.

We all have the right to pursue happiness. But often, in that pursuit we can forget what really matters and miss the point to it completely.

But happiness is not something you can contain, bottle, describe and formulate.

Sometimes we don't need to pursue this happiness, we just need to pause and let it catch up with us.

Make happiness and the happiness of others a vital necessity and priority in your life and the life of each person you encounter.

This is the answer to lasting peace in our world.

nam myoho renge kyo
nam myoho renge kyo
nam myoho renge kyo



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