Saturday, 6 December 2014

Taking photos of the Gohonzon

For many years I have been asking the same question.

Why are people so concerned about taking photos, or filming the scroll we use in our Buddhist practice.

I finally found the answer today, after receiving the same answer from a variety of sources across the world.

Under the control of the priests and the Nichiren Shoshu sect mystery, exclusivity and secrecy shrouded the Gohonzon.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Human revolution the work of transforming our lives at the very core.

"Human revolution is the work of transforming our lives at the very core. It involves identifying and challenging those things which inhibit the full expression of our positive potential and humanity."

Buddhism is characterized by an emphasis on the possibility of inner transformation--a process of bringing forth our full human potential. There is a common perception that the discipline and focus necessary for such a process requires a set of ideal circumstances not available to most. Nichiren Buddhism, however, teaches that it is only by squarely facing the challenges that confront us amidst the harsh contradictions of society that we can carry out the task of changing our own lives and the world for the better.


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