Saturday, 14 March 2015

Your life is a glass of water.

Think of your life like a glass of water, at the bottom of the glass is mud or sand. The sand or mud is all your hurts, fears, rejections, pains and worries.
When we chant nam myoho renge kyo, we begin to stir the glass of water by chanting, all the stuff at the bottom (which we have been sitting on top of, repressing for years) begins to swirl to the top, a storm appears often.
When we do this we have to face our inner demons, fears and negative self beliefs. It has taken you your whole life to collect all these things, it will take some time to let them go.
The more you chant, the clearer the water will become, but it will take time.
Facing your negative self beliefs by chanting with the Gohonzon, it is like facing a cloudy mirror, the more we chant, the clearer the mirror becomes, becuase we introspect each day and focusing on these fears, working each day to be free of them.
What happens when we polish the mirror every single day? The mirror becomes clearer.
And what do we see in that mirror when it is clear?
Ourselves as we truly are.


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