Friday, 9 October 2015

The Dai-Gohonzon, SGI & cutting you off from your own Buddhahood.

Kaidan of the Dai Gohonzon, at Taiseki-ji, early 20th century

When the priesthood excommunicated SGI from the temple, they in effect believed they were cutting us off from the mystic law and our ability to manifest Buddhahood without the Dai-Gohonzon.

I have recently learnt that the priesthood believe that without the Dai-Gohonzon we are not able to manifest Buddha-hood on our own.

The idea that you can cut someone else off from the mystic law and in-turn their own Buddhahood is like one fish saying to another fish, "I am going to ban you from existing in this water we both live in"

Utterly ridiculous.

Harsh words, but this is nothing more then a system of control, being used to maintain a level of status in a society that has existed on the shoulders of conformity and formality and shourded in ritual and superstition for a thousand years.

There is a saying in Japan "The nail that sticks up, must be hammered down".

Divergence (a process in which a person swims against the tide) is has never been socially accepted. Free thought has been discouraged and frowned upon, through out human history

It is feared by those with the "keys to power." When people think for themselves they can not be manipulated and controlled.

The mystic law, or universal law exists within all things; plant, animal and mineral.

Without exception.

It is not something you can simple remove, or cut off.

No human being alive has the power to stand in the way, between  you and your own Buddhahood.

The only person that stands in the way of your own Buddhahood, is you.

Nam myoho renge kyo - I devote my life to the wonderful law of cause and effect, but aligning my life for the greater good and working tirelessly in every way I know how to bring transformation to my self and all of those around me.

Nam myoho renge kyo
Nam myoho renge kyo
Nam myoho renge kyo



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