Friday, 27 November 2015

How do we change this world?

Being a Buddhist is a way of being, it is an attitude. It is a way of processing and making sense of this mad crazy saha world.

Reciting a mantra, reading the gosho (the religious writings of Nichiren Buddhism) and parroting the words of other people does not make you a Buddhist.

Buddhism stands for non-violence, for compassion for kindness and forgiveness.
Courage, compassion and wisdom are the only ways we can transform all the hatred, violence and anger in this world. There is no other way.

Buddhism is about shining a light so bright that the darkness has no place to hide.

Hatred, Anger, violence may be part of the picture, they may exists within us, but if we allow ourselves to be consumed by these emotions, we become just as bad as the ones who have wronged us.

We can not be demanding peace in this world if we have hatred and revenge within our hearts.

Robbie Lockie December 2015


Thank you Adam for reminding me about what I stand for.


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