Thursday, 15 December 2016

There Are Two Paths Out of Suffering.

There are two paths out of suffering.
The first is ownership and transformation, the second is defeat and regret.

Neither path is right or wrong, each depends on your own unique situation and life state.
Whatever cards life has dealt you, we must stand and fight.
And through that suffering and pain, a beautiful lotus flower will blossom.

You are the flower, and the mud is your suffering.

No matter how dark the night the dawn will always come.
We must battle with everything within us that holds back the potential for the beauty to blossom within this life.

All human beings are born with infinite potential, however seldom is that potential realised.

Forgiveness is our most powerful tool and the antidote to even the greatest of poisons. These poisons act like a cancer on our spirit crushing us from the inside out. Like a black hole pulling all the light from our lives to it's centre.

Each of us has the capacity to offer unconditional love, and with this capacity we can transcend even the greatest of all suffering.

What has been done, can not be undone, but we have the power within us to turn poison in to medicine and realise our potential as beings of light and love.

You are a gift to this universe and no matter how dark the sky gets, remember there is so much love in this world.


For all my friends and family who have experienced physical or emotional abuse in this life.
You are loved.

Robbie x


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